Re-elect Joe Rocha for Mayor of Azusa
A mayor for all Azusa

A True Leader with a Vision for Azusa

As a member of the Azusa City Council for 10 years, and mayor for nearly two years, Joe Rocha has been considered the heart and soul of the council. His vision for Azusa is to make it a model city that balances growth and development with our quality of life and natural resources.

As a teacher of 38 years with a Master’s Degree in Administration, Rocha is prepared to meet the challenges of our bright future.

Rocha will accomplish this through:

  • Economic growth and development
  • Support of our police and fire personnel
  • Support of our parks, library, and community centers
  • Productive city and school district partnerships for continued quality education
  • Support of our seniors, veterans, children and our natural resources

Azusa is on a course where it is making real and significant progress. This progress is not an overnight phenomenon. Over six years ago, it was planned during the Citizens Congress meetings. The countless hours that were spent getting the General Plan and Development Code adopted are now bearing fruit.

We need re-elect Mayor Rocha to ensure that the vision of the Citizen’s Congress and its residents are fulfilled.

Re-elect Joe Rocha as Mayor on March 3, 2009!

Re-elect Mayor Rocha

Thank you for your support!